Accepting manuscripts for romance, cozy mystery, mystery, thriller, and suspense.

Gwyn’s MSWL

I accept mystery, thriller, suspense, and all heat levels of romance in the following subgenres: historical, contemporary, suspense, comedy, and western.

I do not accept: Paranormal/fantasy/sci-fi, YA, religious/inspirational, or erotica (where there is no real plot).

I especially like unique characters (ex. a professor who dresses like a rock star, a librarian who loves extreme sports), characters with quirks and flaws, and stories with rarely used occupations (acupuncturist, meteorologist, animator, cosmetologist – something other than doctors, lawyers, and accountants). For romance, I’m not particular to the secret child trope, but if you’ve added a twist, send it on.

I would absolutely love a historical romance where the main characters are commoners – the footman and the maid or the butler and the governess, or any other combination. My biggest desire is a love story between a widow and the butler (or a footman).

Regardless of who your characters are or what situation they find themselves in, if it’s a romance, the story MUST end with an HEA/HFN. No exceptions.

I’d love to get some mysteries (murder, thefts – you name it!), fast-paced thrillers, and large-scale schemes and scams (think Ocean’s 11 and Dirty Rotten Scoundrels). Put me on the edge of my seat or make me fall in the floor laughing. Dark and gritty and courtroom dramas are also welcome. Bring ’em on!

To submit to Gwyn: [email protected]


Lexie’s MSWL

I accept: all heat levels of romance in the following subgenres: dark, contemporary, paranormal, comedy, fantasy, YA, and sci-fi.

I do not accept: mystery, western, religious/inspirational, non-fiction, or historical.

I have a passion for paranormal, fantasy, mafia, crime, stalker, and taboo romances. I enjoy dark and gritty love stories with hard characters who have a soft side for only the main character or morally gray villains who end up falling in love. On the opposite side of the spectrum, I have a soft spot for small-town settings with all the warm fuzzy feelings. I prefer there to be a paranormal twist, but also enjoy contemporary, especially when it has interesting or oddball characters you can’t help but love.

Even though I accept all spice levels, I prefer romances that really crank up the heat! Bring on the poly or why choose stories. I would absolutely love a reverse harem/poly romance with a paranormal or sci-fi twist. My favorites are the ones where the love interest or main character lives outside of normal societal rules because they’ve lived for 300 years or are from a different planet; basically, characters who wouldn’t fit inside of normal society. I also love a lot of tropes such as fated mates, enemies to lovers, age-gap, and the one-bed trope. I’m not a huge fan of friends-to-lovers, but if it has a good twist, I’m happy to take a look.

I love a lot of drama and big angst, but I do require the story to have a HEA/HFN. In any story, I’m looking for lots of chemistry and interesting relationship dynamics. I love witty banter!

To submit to Lexie: [email protected]


** Gold Dust Literary Agency does not accept incest, bestiality, rape (can be mentioned but not detailed), necrophilia, or detailed sex scenes including characters under 18. Sex scenes between 16 and 17 year olds can be mentioned, but not detailed. Absolutely no mention of sex with characters under 16. No animal abuse, child abuse (physical or sexual), or stories that promote or encourage hate against any race, religion, ethnicity, or sexual preference.


A query letter with:

  • Your name and contact info
  • 2-3 paragraph blurb
  • Short author bio
  • Page count
  • Identify the book as a standalone or series. If part of a series, include the outline of the series. If a standalone, include ideas for future works.


  • Maximum of two pages, single-spaced
  • Include ending and spoilers

First chapter

  • Please make sure you’ve edited. Stories with excessive grammar, spelling, and punctuation issues will be declined.
  • Double-spaced, 12-pt font.
  • Times New Roman font preferred.

If you have not received a response within 3 months, please feel free to nudge. We’d appreciate the gentle reminder.